MKV Magnetic Knee Massager - Vibrating Heating Joint Pain Relief

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MKV Magnetic Knee Massager - Vibrating Heating Joint Physiotherapy Pain Relief Rehabilitation Equipment

  • The MKV Magnetic Knee Massager is an amazing piece of equipment that heats and vibrates the knee joint.
  • Helps reduce swelling, stiffness, and pain caused by arthritis, injuries, and other conditions
  • It helps reduce knee pain by sending heat, vibrations, and magnetic energy through your tendons and joints. 
  • Useful in physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Hot compress - has the effect of vasodilation, promote local metabolism, relieve muscle spasms, promote inflammation and blood stasis absorption
  • Many people use these after or before knee surgery.

Built-in motor vibration massager, relieves tension in tendons and muscles.

Warming, activating, and promoting "Qi" to activate blood circulation

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 Application Scope:

- Addresses pain by attempting to relieve the symptoms.


Common Symptoms Addressed:

- Problems sitting or standing

- Pain during walking or climbing stairs or moving the joint

- Extreme pain at the joint during climate change or cloudy weather (at low pressure)

- Frequent sense of discomfort at the joint or lack of flexibility

- Joint swelling or rigidity in the afternoon or night, after body movement, or moderate activity.



1. Fixed-point therapy - Sports quality knee pads, which remain firmly fixed attached to the knee, helps keep the heat over your knee.

3. Massage - Built-in motor vibration massager, relieves tension in tendons and muscles.

4. Asiatic wormwood physiotherapy - warming, activating, promoting "Qi" to activate blood circulation, heat for clearing detumescence.

5. Hot compress - has the effect of vasodilation, promotes local metabolism, relieves muscle spasms, promotes inflammation and blood stasis absorption.

6. Timing - 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes time settings.

7. Temperature regulation - There are High, Middle, Low temperature modes available to suit your personal comfort level.

8. Smart Design - can only use on one knee, and you can also use only vibration or heat at a time.

9. 12V safety voltage.

Directions / How to use:

1. Wear the product on the knee (you can wear one.)

2. Connect the cable between the right and left knee (Only tied a knee without this operation)

3. Connect the power cable with the right knne wrap massager.

4. Power on.

5. Press the "Time" button to turn on the device, then press "Time" to adjust the time for working (10/20/30 Minutes)

6. Knee pads will automatically select the high heat mode, and automatic timing 10 minutes, according to the need to switch.

7. Press "Vibration" button to turn on/off the vibration massage function.

8. Press "Heat" button to choose High/Middle/Low temperature.

9. Long press the "Time" button to turn off the device.

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Application: Leg
Item name: Knee Physiotherapy Device
Function: Arthritis Care, Knee Care, Joint Care

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MKV Magnetic Knee Massager - Vibrating Heating Joint Pain Relief